The Coffee Table Buying for Home Decor Tips


Buying the sofa was easy. Truth be told, it was love at first sight. The matching wingback chairs? They just worked. All in all, it’s becoming the room you dreamed it could be, but wait for …something’s missing

What’s that at the center of your vision? That barren space is more like a small dance floor than the lovely oasis you envisioned. You’ve left buying a coffee table for last – afraid of making the wrong choice. Like an ostrich, you’ve got your head buried in the sand. (That is, the sand-colored shag area rug you bought the last time you were supposed to be coffee table shopping.)

Choosing a coffee table doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Follow these easy guidelines for buying the perfect coffee table:

A picture is worth avoiding a thousand mistakes

When shopping for a coffee table, take a photo of the room with you. It’s a helpful way to see how a table will fit into space.

Add some sense to your sensibility 

Most coffee tables range from about 16 to 18 inches high. If you are going to be doing a lot of entertaining, you’ll want the height of your coffee table to be slightly lower than the seat height of your sofa or at the same level.

The first class always has legroom. When buying a coffee table, don’t use your words… know your numbers! Keep room and furniture measurements handy. Bring along a tape measure and remember to leave at least 18 inches between a sofa and a coffee table. More space will leave the table too far out of reach.

To think own self be true. You want something that both complements your lifestyle and unifies your décor. Want to put your feet up at the end of the day? Choose a practical bi-cast leather ottoman with storage and top it with a tray for food and drinks.

Shape things up. Do you have a sofa with rolled arms? An oval or round coffee table will harmonize the look. Square tables balance a sectional sofa. Is your space long and narrow? Break up space and provide usable, reachable surfaces with two smaller square tables. Be sure rectangular coffee tables are long enough to be reached by everyone sitting on the sofa.

Coffee tables come in a dazzling assortment of styles and materials. Go ahead and break the rules for something that looks great and serves you well. Above all, don’t let the fear of making a decorating faux pas keep you from buying the perfect coffee table.

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