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Taking a bit of a detour from wedding videos and highlights here for a bit to share some observations we’ve had throughout our weddings past.  Hopefully, this doesn’t come off as a vent, but rather a helpful post to wedding vendors who want the best for the couples they have the pleasure of working with and working for.

This post is geared towards people in the wedding industry; however, brides and grooms should take note in making sure to ask certain questions of their vendors before hiring them.

I follow many people on Twitter, some of which are wedding photographers, some videographers, other planners, etc.  It’s important not only to build a network of people who are in your industry but, to learn from them, see what they are up to, both good and bad (yes there is some bad…) and most importantly to build relationships with.

On a side note, for those who say you can’t make relationships through twitter, with everything in me, I disagree!  Some of the most amazing people I have the privilege of calling friends I’ve met through twitter first.

That all being said, I’d like to share a few things I’ve seen and heard on twitter.  “Stupid videographer was in my way the whole time, what an idiot.” or “Seriously photographer they hired us too, to shoot video!” or “Dear wedding planner, if we ask for you to tell us when something is happening and you say you will do it” Okay that last one is a little too long for twitter but you get the idea.

We have been in this boat with all three situations.  As a photographer second shooting I once had a videographer plant himself right in the center aisle, the whole ceremony then proceeded to leave that camera stationary there and to be in every other shot I wanted to take.

Frustrating to say the least 

This happens ALL the time when you have “Uncle John” shoot your wedding, however, if you call yourself a professional…task task.

As a videographer, I can’t count how many times the photographer thinks they’re 1 on the totem pole.  Put down your pitchforks photographers, let me finish.  I understand, for the ceremony, yes walking down the aisle, the rings, the kiss all very important and I will be out of your way for those.  For the formals, go with it, run with your ideas, happy to let you.

We’d love for you to get the shot of the bridesmaid all teary-eyed giving her speech, feel free to snap away.  All the important moments we want you to capture.   The qualm comes when you think it’s okay for YOU to step into our shot when we’ve gone out of our way to not be in yours.

Secondly during the formals, yes this is your baby, this is where you get to be creative and artistic, but what we would ask is this, before you move on to the next awesome shot you’re going to get, give us 1 minute to get ours, seriously most of the time it takes me 10 seconds to fly by and get the shot I want, and then they’re all yours again. Finally, in regards to the speeches, like I said I want you to get your shot.

But, in all honesty, who do you think is going to capture the speech better, you with your single frame moment with no sound or the videographer filming the speech in its entirety.  Please just take your shot, but there is no need to stand one foot from the bridesmaid crying and snapping 30 photos, we’ve got it covered, honestly, we do.

Finally to our wedding planners 

We’ve been so, so, so thankful to have you at the weddings.  Your schedules printed off and given to us are of incredible help, your knowledge of venues and dos and don’ts … love it.  The one thing we ask though just tells us when changes are made let us know, or if we’re in another room eating (thank you for food brides and grooms) because you’ve put us there, please come get us when something is about to go down, especially when you say you will.

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