Make Your Wedding Presentation Video Interesting


The wedding presentation is a presentation to tell a story that may be chosen. At a certain moment, the sweetest romance of the wedding couple For the guests who attend Get to know through video Slides, illustrations, sounds, or cartoon animation Create a sense of gratitude, fun, impressive and make sense together with their love for each other. It is now a part of the wedding hierarchy that most newlyweds focus on.

What are the popular styles of wedding presentations?

If talking about animated wedding presentations from video files which must be open for guests attending the event from a projector or TV screen to have different formats, namely

Presentation: Wedding Slideshow with music

To tell a story from a sequence of images if it is a presentation version like this arranging the order of the images about the stories you want to convey is important. But if the couple do not want to specifically convey the story Made to match the selected song May add effects or tricks for beauty or tell stories in text Add interest

Presentation in cartoon or animation

Presentations like this will be more difficult, more time-consuming depending on the details, the skills, and the experience. If the couple likes this style of presentation How to choose, look at the styles that we have in common. Tell the need for details, exchange information To know the limits of the creator whether they can do as we want or not after that, there will be only a bargain.

Cinema Wedding Presentation or Movie Presentation

It is the most difficult form for the couple because he has to use his inner strength to act like a star in front of the camera by himself the cost of preparation is also greater.

And also have to have additional expenses regarding the use of the premises Although some couples have video footage filmed on the pre-wedding day, also known as Behind the (Pre Wedding) Scene, they save some time and money.

But if wanting to make a video with more stories and details spend more time you should only allow the whole day of shooting the video.

Make the wedding presentation interesting

Make it easy to understand

Think clearly. Make the story content for the visitor to see and understand.

More ideas 

Sometimes, if you don’t know how to start to see our theme. The style that we like nowadays, many styles of the internet can be viewed. Then come to change to our style and ideas,

Take the right time 

Stories that have been together for years or ten years must be shortened to 4 minutes is enough. If you are confident that the story is interesting, then it shouldn’t take more than 7-8 minutes.

Choose to do it in a style that we feel good 

Sometimes there is no need to do anything popular. You don’t have to follow the trend. Sometimes we have ideas or special talents that can be featured, such as singing songs for slideshows, playing music, making simple picture slides by ourselves, or interviewing interesting stories through a smartphone, etc.

The right budget

Telling a story that even if it’s only for a short time but can be considered as the highlight of the event, For the most part, every couple is very attentive to the details here. Until forgetting about the appropriate budget

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