The Euphoria of Getting Married for Own Happiness


You think you know what it will be like but in reality, you have no idea. Every wedding is as different as the bride and groom getting married; there is no way of telling what your reaction is going to be when that music starts when everyone stands when the moment arrives in which you say I am, I will and I do.

Sometimes it is the bride who can keep it together, smiling radiantly on as the man she is marrying, the man she looks to as a pillar of strength, comfort, and support, is brought to face the core of his heart and finds himself weeping by her side.

Other times, it is the groom who looks stoically on, holds her face in his hands as he kisses away the tears that choked her words. It is never obvious which way it will go and it is always unexpected.

No one can describe that bubble that will contain the two of you, that will send you floating from the altar, down the aisle, through your wedding breakfast, on into the night and beyond into your marriage.

There is no way of preparing yourself for the visceral love and adrenaline coursing through your veins, that pulsates every time you see someone new and realize that all these people have put their lives on hold to be with you today, to witness your marriage and celebrate your love.

But it is not just adrenaline or nerves, it is not just love or gratitude; it runs deeper than that. It makes your diaphragm ache with the strain of laughing long and hard and it makes your cheeks weary with the constant, uninvited grin that sits on your face all day.

It makes you feel like a rock star and look like a bombshell. It starts in your heart, spreads to the depths of your stomach and then radiates out from your body, glowing and enveloping you all without you even knowing.

You’ll be surrounded by your friends and family at the end of the night, circling you and binding you together with their strength of goodwill. You’ll cling to one another, pushing your faces together and crushing your bodies next to each other as you try to capture and keep this wealth of feeling, savor this moment and stop your hearts from exploding when you realize the magnitude of what you’ve done.

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