The Diabetes Child Health Treatment


Diabetes is always associated with parental illness. The term is no longer valid anymore because now diabetes can also attack the children that mostly known as juvenile diabetes.

The difference with diabetes in adults, children with diabetes caused by low insulin products or even cannot produce insulin by the pancreas, which required insulin intake (Diabetes Mellitus type 1).

From epidemiologic data, the peak age of diabetes occurrence in children are aged five to seven years and by teenagers. Most patients of diabetes in children showed clinical or classic symptoms, namely:

polydipsia (frequent or rapid thirst),
polyphagia (quickly feel hungry),
polyuria (frequent urination),
weight loss in the last three months.

Diabetes is a collection of energy metabolism disorder caused by a lack of insulin in the body. Insulin is needed to convert food into energy to support body activity.

Type 1 DM requires lifelong treatment, compliance, and regular treatment is the key. Ordering food in a child with diabetes aims to keep the blood sugar levels to normal or near-normal levels. Also, provision should be in an adequate number of calories for basal metabolism, growth, puberty or according to child activities.

Recommended calorie needs as many as 40 to 50 percents of which comes from carbohydrates, 30 percent fat, and 20 percent protein. One key to success is the regularity of diet feeding and diabetes management.

Diet for diabetes children is just the same as other normal children’s diets, three main meals, and two-time snacks. The only difference is the food and fruit combination. For example, in a plate of food should avoid the combination of two dishes of carbohydrate sources.

Also avoid simple carbohydrates sources such as sugar, candy, soft drink, ice cream, and snack foods with high sugar levels. Meanwhile, fruits high sugar content can be consumed in a small piece or approximately 60 grams, and with less frequency.

Familiarize diabetes children with regular life patterns the blood sugar levels expected can be controlled and to avoid hypoglycemia complications. Because when it happened hypoglycemia can cause abnormalities in the brain.

Parents who have children with diabetes are advised to consult with a nutritionist to find the source of food groups that fit with a child with diabetes and how to process the food.

Exercise is recommended for children with diabetes because exercise can help the body’s metabolism, thus reducing insulin requirements and monitor the exercise to decrease the possibility of hypoglycemia.

Natural Diabetes Treatment with Noni Juice

The NONI Juice is a pure juice from Noni fruit that grows wild on French Polynesia islands (Tahiti) without harmful chemicals and has proven very safe for consumption by all people without negative side effects.

One of the Tahitian Noni effects is to the pancreas and immune system. Recent research has shown that Tahitian Noni was able to regulate the immune system by improving both of the performance of the system that has worked well or by stimulating components of the immune system which is slow to react.

Also, as mentioned earlier, noni is believed able capable to strengthen and maintain cellular structure. This can be achieved with noni act as adaptogens that will help unhealthy cells to heal themselves.

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