Best practices to follow for prevention of pressure ulcers


When a person is admitted to the hospital, he/she may acquire several nosocomial infections. Not just that, the patient can also become liable to hospital-acquired pressure ulcers which is a painful and costly experience. It is reported that the US healthcare system alone spends almost $11 billion budget annually to treat people with pressure ulcers. The individual cost of the treatment of each pressure ulcer is almost $500 to $70000. The pressure ulcers not only cause financial constraints but also mental and physical problems. The patients can develop infections of blood and joints as a result of the ulcers along with the high risk of deaths.

In this article, we have tried to cover all the points that would help you to overcome this unfortunate situation in the best possible way. From using medical sheepskin, medicines to precautionary measures are discussed in this article. The following article concludes some of the best practices which can help you avoid pressure ulcers naturally without treatment any with proper care. These include:

Proper nutrition uptake

One of the main reasons reported for the occurrence of pressure ulcers is the improper uptake of diet and nutrients. It can also lead to impaired wound healing. When people go for unexplained weight loss activities in order to keep their bodies in shape, the risks of pressure ulcers double as a result of malnutrition. It leads to improper functioning of the immune system, collagen synthesis in the bones, and lower tensile strength to carry the weight of bones. Although there has been a recommendation for the ideal diet for wound healing, it is well researched that the increased use of zinc, proteins, vitamin A, C, E, and certain amino acids such as glutamine and arginine can help in recovering wounds.

Apart from that proper uptake of water can also help in the maintenance of skin integrity. It keeps healthy cell metabolism and blood flow towards the wounded tissues. Thus it is necessary to keep proper hydration by regular intake of water. Moreover, a healthy diet must be followed with proper exercise to maintain perfect body weight.

Keeping heads at lowest elevations

Like asthma preventive medicines and measures, pressure ulcers also demand some preventive medicines as well as measures. Unnecessary pressure, friction, and shear can all exacerbate pressure ulcers. When you have the head elevated at a high position, it can cause unnecessary pressure on different parts of the body especially where there are wounds. This will retard the blood flow and nutrients in such areas and will cause slow healing of the wounds. For the people with less mobility, such pressure will be more on tissues and muscles lying over the bones.

Apart from that, shear can also cause pressure ulcer problems when the high is elevated at a high position. Shear occurs when two surfaces move in opposite directions. When the headrest of the bed is at a high position, the body can slip down causing the tailbone to stay in position and skin to move in another direction. Thus, care must be taken that the headrest of the bed is at the same position as the body so that any such ulcer condition is avoided.

Proper documentation of ulcers

Regular routine checkup is essential for the cure of any disease and this holds true in the case of pressure ulcers. Elderly people are more susceptible to pressure ulcers and it is necessary for them to get their routine checkups. When going to the hospital for different tests, a test for the identification of pressure ulcers must be included. If left untreated or unattended, the problem can have severe consequences. In most cases, the people are unaware of the problem and consider it a side-effect of old age.

Various hospitals have specific pressure ulcer guidelines whereby the doctors and nurses examine the patients thoroughly to avoid the problem. Once undergone the examination, the patients will be aware of whether they are having the problem or not. If they do have it then at which stage, location, and size their ulcer is and what treatment they must follow as the pressure surfaces are chosen according to the level of ulcer the patients are experiencing. In short, it will give a thorough screening of the body tissues and positions susceptible to pressure ulcers and it is imperative to undergo such testing when going for a routine checkup.

Developing pressure ulcers is a painful experience but luckily, it is treatable and preventable through proper care, prior documentation, and awareness about the problem. Care must be taken to avoid any such practice or activity that causes pressure on the body or leads to painful events. The problem is not a one-time problem; it can occur again in life especially at an older age if proper care is not taken. Thus, it is essential to follow the above-mentioned practices on a regular basis to avoid any pain.

Using pressure reducing surfaces

The pressure reducing surfaces are designed to prevent ulcers and pressure on the body tissues. They reduce the pressure interface by allowing the pressure to be experienced over large surfaces across the body rather than to be concentrated at a single point. There are several such supports that the patients can use such as mattresses of different kinds. These include low-air-loss mattresses, air-fluidized mattresses, specialty beds, and specialized mattresses. Completely made of foam, these help in maintaining the uniform pressure across the body and avoidance of shear.

Apart from the mattresses, different beds are available that help in treating people with more chronic pressure ulcers. The air-fluidized beds and low-air-loss beds are reserved for the patients whose wounds have not the capacity to heal further by any other treatment. Thus, it is imperative to properly choose the pressure-reducing surfaces for the patients so that it can help them with avoidance of any unnecessary pain. Proper research must be done before choosing support.

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