A Few Australian Road Rules That You Should Be Aware Of To Avoid A Ticket


Road rules are something to be instilled into the trainee’s mind while they learn the ways of the road. Every driver is aware of the top safety headlines: not to speed or drink-drive and to wear a seat belt at all times. But there are some rules that you might not know about.

Being on the road, it isn’t likely that you know all the road rules that exist. The Driving Instructors at Ltrent Driving School in Australia, do their absolute best to instruct and give the best driving lessons to their students so that they, become safe and capable drivers. 

To know more about the rules that you are unawarely breaking, continue to read below.

  1. Unnecessarily honking the horn – No one likes a honker on the streets, and it can very well lead you to a ticket as honking unnecessarily is against the law. Honks done for anything other than to make a fellow driver aware of your vehicle position or for road animals is a complete no-no.
  2. Driving too slow – We understand you are trying to follow the speed limit, but driving too slow also counts as rule-breaking as it will be considered as obstructing other driver’s paths. 
  3. Accelerating while being taken over – Do not accelerate while being overtaken as it can lead to accidents and is against the law. If a car has pulled out to pass you on a two-way road, then you must not increase the speed till the car has passed by. 
  4. Make a U-turn – Only make U-turns where it is permitted, and the road is marked with broken lines. Making U-turns across continuous, unbroken lines is against the rules.
  5. Not using hand brakes – Hand brakes should always be used to secure the vehicle when parked so that the vehicle doesn’t move while you are away. 
  6. The car left unattended with the key in Ignition – Though this is common sense, some people tend to leave their car like this to quickly pop into a store to get something or for any other reason. The driver should always lock the doors and secure the windows before leaving the car.
  7. Driving with limbs outside of the car – This is an accident waiting to happen. Do not have any part of your body outside the vehicle while driving. 
  8. Not using proper headlights – Using headlights while driving at night is an important rule to follow. Using the proper front or backlights is necessary so that you don’t blind the other driver coming from the opposite direction or cause an accident with no headlights on at all.
  9. Not Stopping at an Orange light – Orange lights are indicators that you should stop your car before the light turns red. You could get a ticket if the cops concluded that you could have safely stopped in time but you choose to drive through an orange light.
  10. Reversing for too long – Reversing further than it is reasonably acceptable could lead you to a ticket as it is considered an offense.

Keep in mind these few handy tips and you can avoid paying for a few road fines.

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