What You Have to Take Into Account to Make Up Your Eyes With Fashion


I have realized that many of us have no idea how to make up our eyes. Although sometimes good eyeliner with mascara removes us from the trouble, it is important to take into account the main steps to get the most out of our eyes.

The theme of this post is to teach them to identify the parts of the eye to make a basic makeup that highlights the look. The eye consists of three main parts: moving eyelid, depth, and “stationary eyelid” or illuminator. Here I show you the steps to make up them correctly.

The mobile eyelid is the part that covers from the beginning of the eyelashes to the gap that is created between the eyeball and the bone. There they can use the color they want. I used a satin orange.

Then follow what I call the “immobile eyelid,” which is the part that is from the eyebrow down, right up to where the bone ends. The illuminator is always put there, which is a light color. It can be matte or satin, but the idea is to give light to the eyes.

Finally, there is the depth part. It is on the skull bone and just where it begins to sink before the eyeball. The color used for this part must be more intense because exactly what we want to create is a shadow that enlarges the eye.

Also, when it comes to applying depth, they can take advantage to unify the 3 colors and blend. Depending on the eye, the depth may go a little higher (towards the illuminator). The idea is that with this step we help to form a bigger almond eye. I used a matte dark brown.

Finally the indispensable Eyeliner around the eyes (I used in pencil) and lots of mascara.

Ready! The three parts of the eye now you have to practice a lot. The most difficult thing is to manage depth, but it is nice when they get to master it. Remember also that good makeup is always well blurred. Try different combinations. Makeup is for fun!

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