In Makeup You Should Know About Sun Kiss With Fashion


Hi guys!

I will not be a great makeup specialist or guru since everything I learned comes from youtube tutorials, makeup thinking, and magazines over time. However, over the years, I must say that I have managed to absorb several tips and I have enough knowledge to have the freshness to give some tips. I swear to you that if you listen to me you will not end up like clowns, because I have also received many compliments of my makeup techniques so as not to have any type of formal training.

Since the summer began, and strongly, because the sun is burning, I wanted to offer them a fresh option that they can use in the day or night in these hot summer days that will go well with tanned skin. I call it a sun-kissed make-up since it will seem that they have been kissed by the sun with warm, very subtle earth tones and in which the golden skin will be the focus and star of the look.

First of all, it is super important to use a primer before the base, you have to moisturize and match the skin tone. This will make the foundation last longer and make the skin look more even and natural.

My dad is a panda, and I inherited his dark circles, so it is essential for me to use the concealer. Apply it in points radially and then distribute by repeatedly touching the skin with your finger, also if it suits you, you can use a brush.

Lightly apply sealing powders that will set for shiny skin.

It is important to comb the eyebrows upwards and then fill them with shadows or an eyebrow gel for a more finished look. You see the difference when you make up your eyebrows, trust me.  A tip Even if they have dark hair never paints their dark eyebrows or they will look crazy. The eyebrows are always a lighter color than the hair.

Eye primer on the eyelid and just below the eyebrow to brighten. It also works as a good base color.

Then take a “fluffy” brush (excuse the Spanglish, but I already told you that my knowledge comes mostly from youtube and magazines) and choose a light color to place on the eyelid and illuminate the inner edge of the eye.

Choose a gold or copper shade for the outer edge of the eye to deepen the gaze. They can use the same brush. If you want a look with more impact, also place it under the lower lashes, so it becomes a look more for the night.

Now to outline! With a black one (in pencil or gel) make a tail and take it to the inner edge of the eye.

A lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of mascara!

The sun tanner to be kissed by the sun is BASIC. For the day that it is not too heavy, the idea is that it is a natural look so apply it to the face; the forehead, chin, and cheekbones. At night a contour so that the cheekbones and structure stand out Tip! Making a mouthful of fish helps to see better the areas where to apply the bronzer and also blush.

The last step is LIPS. To stay natural, pink or nude lipstick works great. Also, something I always use is just a little chapstick. As long as it is a natural color and moisturizes your lips it will work perfectly!

And voilà! That’s all; they’ve already been kissed by the sun and ready to wipe out this summer day or night. Hope you like. If you are not a big fan of well-loaded makeup, or are and are ready to vary a little, this seems like a great option.

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