Business Opportunity Lead Choosing the Right Leads for Your Business


When you are just starting in business, lead generation is crucial. Whether you are looking for customers or prospects, getting people to know and hear about you is paramount to your success. The key is to get qualified, targeted people into your door so they are ready and willing.  Securing a good business opportunity lead is not as daunting a task as it once was but it still requires work and tenacity.

If purchasing leads is the avenue you choose at first, buying the right leads is crucial.  There are many different types of leads out there and they all do and represent a different set of demographics.  How and when you choose to work them is going to be the rise or fall of your business.

A quick overview of some of the most popular and common types of leads include:

Surveyed Leads

These leads have filled out some sort of on-line survey usually between 4-8 questions making some sort of determination as to whether they have the money, time or desire to start their own business.  Advantage – good, quality targeted leads. Disadvantage – can be pricey but worth it if you know how to work the lead.  They can be real-time or aged.

The real-time ones are pricier with the aged ones less expensive but also less qualified.  Depending on whether you want quantity or quality, these leads are usually a good option for both the beginner and the seasoned professional. Quantity is usually great for the beginner as they have more to sift through while getting experience.

Genealogy Leads 

These leads are usually from a network marketing company that has either gone out of business or had some sort of disruption within its ranks to cause some of its distributors to leave.  While these leads can be extremely qualified, high powered prospects, the downside is it usually takes a very experienced marketer to talk with them.

Not a recommendation when first starting but it can be a goldmine for the right person with the right experience.  Another disadvantage is these leads can sometimes be a little older; hence the reason for a more seasoned professional.

Real-time Leads

Real-time, fresh, hot as they happen as a person is interested, you get the lead.  You need to jump on these leads and call immediately.  Any experienced marketer will tell you that waiting on a lead is a recipe for disaster.  So if you are not ready for them, then don’t buy them.

You can also choose the way you receive them and how many you receive/day (what can you reasonably handle).  Advantage – very qualified leads and you get to strike while the iron is hot which invaluable disadvantage pricey is especially for the beginner.

Telephone Interviewed Leads

These leads have been interviewed by someone before they get to you.  They usually are captured using a website with a lead capture tool which then dumps the information into a call center. That center then calls the lead and pre-qualifies the lead for you via telephone.

Advantage – having someone call a lead before you contact them is a great lead-in for you as they are prepared for your call and the initial “ice-breaking” call has already been done.

Disadvantage – you need to be sure the lead you receive has been “called” and not just verified through some sort of auto-dialer system.  To be sure you are getting what you pay for, ask for the name of the interviewer or better yet, the recording of the initial call with the prospect.

Autoresponder Leads

These types of leads are for the person who wants to generate their own.  You can purchase them cheaply and then dump them into an autoresponder system which then is attached to a good, finely tuned e-mail marketing campaign.  These leads can be great and quantity is usually a good bet with them.

Advantage – less expensive and you can use e-mail to communicate to a larger number much quicker.  Disadvantage – you need quantity and quality to make it work and a tried and true tested system.  These leads will not convert overnight and you need to understand the ins and outs of lead capture pages and e-mail marketing.

A business opportunity lead can come in any form.  Buying, generating your own or even working your warm market options all network marketers have at their disposal.  Today, with the internet, times have made it easier than ever before to reach a large group of people faster than ever before. However, it has also created a very savvy prospect whose needs have changed from 20 years ago so keeping up with the time is very important if you want to succeed.

Securing a good business opportunity lead is not as daunting as it seems, but it does take time and effort.  Regardless of the methods you choose, test, test, and test.  Take time to test every lead generation tool before investing a lot of your time and money.

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