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The show I uploaded consists of fashion talks as I tell you about Olivier Rousting answering my question about the future Balkan Girls and then the big bang came when Kenya West answered my question via SHOW studio.

Last week I also shared with my listeners what had been swimming around in my mind and I now feel that it’s time for NBF to showcase what has been swimming around in that space that holds all my memories and thoughts.

It’s time I can hold it no more I need to able to self-express what I feel I’m ready to do and so capable of doing, pushing that fear and anxiety right out my personal space. Having the experience of organizing and hosting my very own runway show is the selling point for me, showing myself that the sky is never the only limit.

Let’s talk more about the Rich Streets of Fashion my newborn baby was officially born last week, I felt as if I had been carrying that baby around for ages now she’s finally free and I feel lighter!!!! Below I have uploaded the advert that is currently in the Peck ham Peculiar Issue 11 page 11 if you are interested in showcasing in one of London’s most sought after locations please do contact us.

Music and fashion have certainly become a big part of my life over the last three to four years. I’m beyond sure that it will never change my fascination with referencing music and fashion has grown.

My childhood was filled with my dad and mum playing vinyl records on a homemade sound system which was super loud and bass, they enjoyed listening to artists like Dennis Brown, Bob Marley, and Beers Hammond and that’s just to name a few.

Memories of my childhood have always been fun I was brought up in a loving and protective environment and music played a large role. My dad worked away from home Monday to Friday, so we spent a lot of time hanging out with my dad on the weekends, he always seemed to know the best places to hang out with my two sisters, mum and I.

I just had a mind-movement my father always had us out with him from taking me to Hands worth carnival as a little girl (oh I might be able to find a picture of me at the carnival with my dad) if you’re familiar with carnivals you know they promote good vibes, tasty food and the celebrating of Afro-Caribbean culture while sound systems entertain the many hundreds of people who turn up to enjoy themselves.

My love for music stemmed from hanging out with my dad and his friends as they played dominoes and listened to reggae whilst I tried to get in on the energy and loud conversations.

My love of mixing both music and fashion has now pushed me to get my very own show entitled; The Natalie Bags Fashion on digital radio.  Another creative way for me to interact with the world and I’m so excited to be chosen for this platform with so many visions that I want to bring alive and create.

I want you to join me every Thursday night starting from 22nd January from 6-8 pm. All you need to do is download TUNE IN Radio to your device or listen.

I intend to talk about daily fashion from the runway to the high-street, what I predict will be a trend, what bothered me over that week and why celebrities and their style and lastly fashion trends along with sharing my honest opinion with my chosen guest of the week.  I am happy to announce that I now have another slot live which is every Sunday from 1-3 GMT.

The new show is still live, however, the concept of the live show includes life issues, things that affect us as a community, delivering information about local events along with inviting inspiring women and men who can uplift and inspire you onto that next step and stage of your journey. Have a listen to my latest show that I recorded live.

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